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Changes in market trend of ship development

  • Date Listed:2022-11-21 14:41:33
    Dongguan Songshanhu Innovation Technology Park, building 8,Room 302-304,
    Company:Guangdong OMG Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

    According to the development of shipbuilding industry at home and abroad, it is expected that the future market demand of ships presents characteristics such as mainly large tonnage, with high technical content and high added value. === The survey shows that the world shipbuilding center is accelerating to shift to China. China's Yangtze River Delta region, relying on its golden waterway and golden coast intersection of geographic advantages, has become the world's shipbuilding industry investment transfer agglomeration area. The international market is affected by the external economic environment and will have a short period of downturn compared with previous years. However, the domestic shipbuilding industry will continue to thrive, and under the influence of the implementation of China's marine development strategy, the domestic shipbuilding industry is facing huge development space. The new types of ships that can be successfully manufactured in China are increasing, such as: product oil tanker, chemical tanker, marine engineering ship, ocean-going fishing ship, large container ship, passenger roll-on/roll-off ship, ro-ro ship, liquefied petroleum gas ship, liquefied natural gas ship, large refrigerated ship, bulk carrier, fishery ship, military ship, self-unloading ship, large hatch multi-purpose ship, shuttle tanker, high-speed hatchless container ship, high-speed hydrofoil passenger ship, offshore oil storage ship, Giant oil tankers and river vessels, etc.; in addition, there are small ships and vessels such as anti-smuggling boats, lifeboats and yachts. === For different charging equipment there are different specifications of the standard. Need to know more cable models, you can see the charging cable publicity page in the visit:

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