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Syria nitrogen semen tank KGSQ five-wheeled cart

  • Date Listed:2024-01-31 17:23:00
    39 Changxing Road, Huiji District
    Company:Henan Tianchi Cryogenic Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Liquid nitrogen tanks have a wide range of uses, whether in laboratories or in the livestock industry. As a low-temperature container, it is mainly used to store or transport liquid nitrogen. It is used for low-temperature experiments in laboratories, cryopreservation in animal husbandry, and can also be used for frozen food. However, for larger liquid nitrogen tanks, although it is convenient to store liquid nitrogen, it is not convenient to transport it. So what should we do when transporting liquid nitrogen tanks over short distances? There is a tool called a liquid nitrogen tank trolley, which can easily transfer liquid nitrogen tanks to any location, solving the transportation problem. Not only that, liquid nitrogen tank trolleys have many advantages: 1. Stability and security: The trolley has balance and stability to ensure the safety of the liquid nitrogen tank during transportation. The cart is equipped with baffles to prevent accidental movement or tipping. 2. Portable and easy to operate: Carts are designed to be portable and easy to move between laboratories or other locations. It has a simple operation method and can be controlled by one person. 3. Durability and corrosion resistance: Since liquid nitrogen has a deep low temperature, the trolley is made of stainless steel to ensure low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. 4.Adjustability: In order to adapt to liquid nitrogen tanks of different sizes and shapes, the trolley can adjust the distance between the four corner baffles to better meet the size requirements. To sum up, the liquid nitrogen tank trolley is an easy-to-use and safe transfer tool, suitable for laboratories, animal husbandry, etc., where there is a demand for liquid nitrogen tank transfer.

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