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costa rica liquid nitrogen sample storage tank

  • Date Listed:2024-02-02 17:28:19
    39 Changxing Road, Huiji District
    Company:Henan Tianchi Cryogenic Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    As we all know, a soldier with a very handy weapon can exert greater combat effectiveness in battle. This sentence tells us that no matter what position you are in, a handy "weapon" can make you more handy in the work process and get twice the result with half the effort. In our scientific research institutes and laboratories, we cannot do without a handy "weapon", and this "weapon", in my opinion, is a laboratory liquid nitrogen tank. Why I say this is because in the laboratory, experimental samples are particularly important. They generally need to be stored at low temperature. Its safety directly affects the accuracy of experimental results. Laboratory liquid nitrogen tanks provide a safe and stable low-temperature storage environment for experimental samples. Of course, laboratory liquid nitrogen tanks do not only have this feature, they also have: 1. Large capacity storage space In scientific research institutes and laboratories, there will be a situation in which experimental samples are stored in large quantities and types, and most of them need to be stored for a long time. At this time, small-capacity jars are used, which not only has limited storage space and cannot be stored in categories, but also requires frequent refills. Therefore, the liquid nitrogen tanks usually used in laboratories are above 30 liters. 2. Large diameter + square bucket In order to facilitate the staff to find and manage samples, and because the number of samples is relatively large, laboratory liquid nitrogen tanks are usually used as formula buckets, which can store cell samples in separate compartments, in large and regular quantities, and can also be stored in categories. Due to the size limit of the square pail, laboratory liquid nitrogen tanks are all large-diameter, above 125mm, and the commonly used diameters are 125, 127, 210, and 216mm. 3.Safety lock cover Experimental samples are crucial to every worker doing experiments. Therefore, the safety of the samples can

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